Säilättäret is a multidisciplinary group from Finland that combines circus and acrobatics with object manipulation, puppet theater and musical theater, creating cross-border performing arts. In their vibrant and energetic work, they mix different art forms into a seamless entity.

The Legend of the Holy Pear

The Legend of the Holy Pear draws inspiration from medieval mystery plays and includes whimsical visual elements and absurd events surrounding the festivities of four women celebrating the Holy Pear. The piece combines circus, musical theater and object manipulation in a skilful and captivating way. The music is played by a music ensemble Härkätien Leikarit, with a variety of different medieval instruments such as harps, lute and hurdy-gurdy.

The piece premiered in the summer of 2021 and by now the piece has been performed over 50 times. The piece is originally in Finnish but it has been translated to Swedish. The Swedish version, Legenden om det Heliga Päronet, premiered in summer 2022 in Visby Medeltidsveckan in Gotland.

Meet the Säilättäret 

Milla Kurronen / tightwire dancer and a circus artist

Circus is Milla’s outlet for creativity and she is relentlessly pursuing new bizarre and dynamic movement vocabulary. She has an urge to create vibrant and colourful worlds full of absurd scenarios that mirror aspects of human connection.  ​

Milla graduated from Salpaus Circus Artist Education (SaSak) and then continued her studies in the Stocholm’s University of the Arts (DOCH, BA in circus arts). 

Sini Napari / tightwire dancer and circus artist

Sini is a tightwire dancer who has fallen in love with the fragility of balancing disciplines. She grew up doing circus as a hobby in Taidekoulu Estradi, Lappeenranta. After getting to know the world of circus she just couldn’t believe her life without it’s endless possibilities. That’s why she continued her journey in Salpaus Circus Artist Education (SaSak) from where she graduated as a circus artist. Sini enjoys learning and researching movement qualities and nowadays she also studies to become a dancer in Santasport Sport Institute.

Juuli Hyttinen / musical theater artist

Juuli doesn’t want to be chained in one genre in the field of performing arts. That’s why she decided to study musical theater in Lahti University of Applied Sciences (graduated 2016) and specialized in music and puppet theater in Novia University of Applied Sciences (2019). Juuli is a singer, actress and dancer who has been working in theaters, as a show artist, and in contemporary circus pieces.

Kanerva Keskinen / juggler and circus artist

Kanerva is a circus artist specialized in juggling, knife throwing, and archery. She has been practising juggling over a decade and in 2018 she graduated from Salpaus Circus Artist Education (SaSak). Currently Kanerva works as a professional circus artist performing around Finland with Säilättäret and also with her own circus performances.

Härkätien Leikarit 

Härkätien Leikarit consists of Kuisma Keskinen, Lauri Keskinen, and Päivi Kuusisto who are specialized in medieval music and instruments. The trio has adapted the music for the Legend of The Holy Pear and also performs live on stage with Säilättäret.

Technical details

  • Duration: 50 min
  • Target audience: The whole family,  recommended age 5+ 

The age recommendation is due to a knife throwing scene, which a younger audience member may find a little exciting! In this case it is good to also have an adult attending the show to explain the concept of play and acting. 

  • Space: a flat and even outdoor area which can be lawn, asphalt, gravel, wood or sand. No separate stage is required. The ideal measurements are: 

Width: 10 meters

Depth: 8 meters

Height: 5 meters free air space (no branches or other structures can be situated directly above the performance area)

There are two versions of the piece available in terms of music:

  • Accompanied by the Medieval band Härkätien Leikarit (7 performers)
  •  Music from a recording via audio playback (4 performers)

The Legend of the Holy Pear can be performed in Finnish or in Swedish.

Other performances 

As versatile performers, Säilättäret are also offering tailor made acts for every occasion creating an engaging and exciting atmosphere around the event area! 

Skills such as juggling, tightwire dancing, acrobatics, balancing on champagne bottles and walking on stilts and singing are incorporated into their elaborate character work and physical theater. 

Contact and bookings 

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E-mail: sailattaret@gmail.com 

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